Gloria Patricia Ruiz
Master in Fine Arts

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The viewers of my work will be able to perceive and grasp what has been largely veiled from our eyes and senses since the very dawn of our understanding, and are moved by what they see. Whether my art provides profound impact or not, I invite you to refocus your eyes from without and within. I hope to challenge your mind and provide an experience for your soul with symbols that are now and forever here.

To perceive the magic and the mystery that hides within my Art, one should first start by releasing visual repression until gaining greater control of the spiritual and physical senses. I paint from within, by transferring my experiences and interpretation of concrete forms to the outer world. This task requires transcending through craft, by taking the objective world into the subjective, and transforming it into symbols and graphics. At times, this soul-searching process is not without difficulty. I want to shape my spiritual experience invoking the power of symbols, color, and abstraction on the canvas, as an artist who expresses feelings, emotions, and thoughts through art, expressing something very deep and spiritual about myself. It is in an effort to break the "immediateness" of the present time.




In the artistic craft, I use different media and surfaces to work on, as oil on canvas, oil on Paper, and oil on board. For Mixed Media, I use soils, charcoal, gold powder, oils, and oil pastels on canvas. In addition, I work with carved and colored wood.




In early years, I had (and still have), the influence of great Masters as Paul Gauguin (France), Edward Munch (Germany), Antoni Tapies (Spain), Mark Rothko (USA), and Georgia O'Keeffe (USA).


From Paul Gauguin I got his color: the usage of bright, powerful pure colors, adopting his concept and adapting it to my own artwork; from Edward Munch his strong expression through his strokes; Out of Antoni Tapies' work, I like his concept and expression through his usage of different materials. From Mark Rothko I love his approaching to art through his own spirituality that made him so unique at his time; and out of Georgia O'Keeffe her eroticism expressed in her paintings.



                                            LOOKING FORWARD:


I'm taking a new direction in my attempt to reveal a different process of symbolic communication: a conscious embracing of ancient Wisdom in an attempt like the European surrealists, expressionists, and symbolists, to create a global language. Most of my works feature symbols of ancient wisdoms. They are Voices, that are eternal, and never changes. The sense of time, the whole issue of time, as I perceive it, is not lineal; it is a spiral as the evolution of the universe is itself. I am pointing toward the Eternal. It is a statement about it…Viewers can feel it in my work.





Gloria was born in Cali, Colombia. Raised in a small family, lived most of her adult life in Cali, when in the late 90’s, she moved to the U.S. After a short stay in Florida, she reunited with her family, who had previously moved to Seattle. She has made West Seattle her home for the last six years.

Gloria’s education and full time employment has always focused on art. Her artwork reflects her inner self, her spirituality. Gloria’s wish is to share her vision, hoping to touch others through her artwork. She has shown her work extensively in different cities and has won a number of awards in the process. Gloria’s current ambition is to continue producing and giving her Art to de world.


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